secondary glazing in taunton

Secondary Glazing

Our popular range of secondary glazing windows and doors have all been designed to be strong, reliable, durable and very discreet and unobtrusive when installed.

Our standard secondary glazing can improve your homes thermal efficiency by substantially reducing the heat loss from single glazing and when specified for sound insulation achieves significant levels of noise reduction and sound proofing; furthermore our secondary double glazing improves home security by adding an additional barrier that cannot be opened from the outside.

Secondary Glazing windows in Taunton

The benefits of installing secondary glazing into your home: 

There are many benefits to be gained by installing secondary glazing when compared to single glazed windows and doors. There are a number of properties where installing double glazing isn't suitable, for instance the building may be listed and subject to certain restrictions when it comes to home improvements; in these circumstances our range of secondary glazing can provide the perfect solution! 


Energy efficient, improved security, noise reduction and discreet

Our secondary glazing is a popular choice for homeowners looking to improve their homes thermal efficiency but who are unable to have modern double glazing installed. Secondary Glazing can significantly help in making your home more energy efficient by adding an additional barrier (pan of glass and air gap) to the outside, and what's more if external noise is an issue we also supply a range of acoustic performance secondary glazing which helps to reduce unwanted outside noise.


How secondary glazing works

To find out more about our great range of secondary glazing, what's involved in the installation or to request a free no-obligation quote, please get in touch with us or simply pop into our showroom in Taunton!







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